Non profit

Shawls for LEO

Ondine's curse is a rare disease, which affected small 4,5 year-old Leo. Founded's aid to Leosia and we had a chance to join in embroidering shawls on a specially organized cruise.,1…

Amstaff Azyl

Dla Fundacji Amstaff Azyl zajmującej się ratowaniem bezdomnych psów szyjemy kubraczki dla ich podopiecznych.

kubrak dla psa

Foundation “Fairytale Hope Factory”

Foundation “Fairytale Hope Factory” uszyliśmy outfit Minionka.
Minionek gave New Year's gifts for the children's cancer ward.

The Foundation works to children with cancer and cardiac, helps them to live a normal life, playing, teaches, helps to forget about the disease. As they write: Dobry nastrój, distance to the disease, joke, Laughter - miracles!

Minionek na oddziale onkologicznym - projekt i wykonanie NN Studio

The followers FOOTBALL

In June 2014 we decided to sponsor the expedition Followers of Football. For the purpose of the so-called tourism stadium designed and uszyliśmy T-shirts and jackets for Piotr and Zbyszko.

koszulki reklamowe -koszulka wyznawcy futbolu 2 koszu;lki reklamowe- koszulka wyznawcy futbolu

78  kurtki firmowe - kurtka wyznawcy futbolu 78 kurtki firmowe - kurtka bomber wyznawcy futbolu

We encourage others to support the design and implementation of the. The followers of football


In 2010 NN Studio, the company was the official sponsor of the expedition cycling Tour of The Baltic Sea. In this circumstance and uszyliśmy designed t-shirts for riders.

Better bike – Tour the Baltic Sea